This conference programme aims to give senior industry professionals access to new ideas, solutions and innovations to help take their departments and companies forward. The agenda is pitched at a high level and we endeavour to present new case studies and new thinkers on the programme each year.

Keynote and seminar sessions give a high-level view of the  industry, offering predictions and insights to help delegates form their future strategies. The interactive workshops and discussion groups complement the larger sessions by drilling down into specific issues, allowing delegates to share their collective experiences and to learn how their peers are dealing with similar situations.

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  • Leadership: Myth, Reality, and Tools for the 21st Century

    Jeff Eggers, Leadership Consultant and Executive Director at McChrystal Group Leadership Institute
    Leadership is necessary to human endeavor. We obsess over our leaders, and assess them as good or bad, strong or weak. Increasingly, we are frustrated with the choice of leaders on offer and the legacy they leave behind. Jeff Eggers is co-author of Leaders: Myth and Reality, a recent book that ex...

    The 10 things you need to know about the future - and what that means for Human Resources

    Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Visionary Thinker and Author, The Futures Agency
    Intelligent machines? Cognitive computing? Software doing our work? Automation everywhere? Technological unemployment? Robots taking over? Shifting to EQ over IQ?  In this coming era of technological warp-drive, what will humans do when technology does all the drudgery and routine work? Will...

  • Purpose: Your cultural edge

    Markus Kramer, Expert @ Powering Brands, Associate Professor in Brand Management at Cass Business School, London
    Purpose helps to build a strong culture, providing a sense of meaning that builds
    alignment and closes the gap between competitive edge and meaningful work. It acts as a catalyst to attract and retain talent. People are much more engaged, more satisfied and more likely to stay at...

    Brave new World of Work

    Barbara Aeschlimann, Senior HR Executive, Chairperson at International Human Resources Community ZGP
    Social media platforms are cram-full of good advice on new tools and new ideas of how to successfully attract people to work in a specific area, in a specific company. Research is performed to ‘proof’ and validate what the best way could be, be it to be more (cost-)effective, be it to...

  • The role of HR in creating an organization culture fit for the digital age

    Carsten Sudhoff, Organisational Culture Expert & Leadership Trainer, President at Global Entrepreneurship Network Switzerland
    • Digital transformation and changes in the world of work have put the topic of organization culture on center stage.
    • In the context of culture, redesign HR has a unique chance to strengthen its strategic leadership and commercial impact by leading the way.
    • Ba...

    Social Media Recruiting - How to stand out with LinkedIn

    Erica Kessler, LinkedIn Strategist, Coach and Trainer, Executive Business Coach
    Discover how today’s job seekers find job opportunities online and connect with HR via Social Media—and learn how you can attract talent and stand out as a leader on LinkedIn.
    Erica Kessler combines industry leading strategies from the United States and Switzerland an...

  • Trust Rocks - Why Trust is the secret ingredient and how we come to trust

    Antoinette Weibel, Research Director at the Institute for Work and Employment Research at the University of St. Gallen
    This talk shows why trust is important:
    • it is one of the greatest cost savers
    • it creates value
    • and it is the great enabler - without trust fewer talents, no change and no agility
    And th...

    Performance Management - Dialogue is key

    Marco Beutler, Global Head of Human Resources at Zürcher Kantonalbank
     In a world where the only constant is change and an Industry, which will be turned upside down, traditional performance management finds its limits. Annual target setting and traditional feedback loops no longer work and human capital management must be reinvented.  People development ...

  • Simple Ideas for Complex Leadership

    Jeff Eggers, Leadership Consultant and Executive Director at McChrystal Group Leadership Institute
    In evaluating our leaders today, and in our quest for paradigm cases of effective leadership, our praise or condemnation overlooks the role of context and overstates the influence of the individual leader. More often, an effective leader’s emergence is garnered by a nexus of serendipitous e...

    Building a Digital Learning Culture

    Roman Becker, Head Human Resources Development Group at Implenia
    Companies are blessed with ever better digital learning solutions. In the face of anticipated digital disruption resulting in the need to reskill and redeploy, a strong digital learning culture can be a competitive differentiator. However, organizations today still encounter challenges like low r...

  • Digital HR - Exploring the employee experience in a digital HR world

    Mario Vieli, Head of Talent Switzerland at Ernst & Young AG
    The digital transformation offers the opportunity to revolutionize the entire employee experience by transforming HR processes, systems, and the HR organization by leveraging digital platforms, apps, and new ways of delivering HR services.
    The goal of the session is to exchange i...

    The Future of Work in global companies - The Diversity Dimension

    Guido Fuhrmann, Head of Human Resources Germany at Deutsche Bank AG
    Interactive Discussion on the consequences of a changing working environment. The multi-generation question in the shaping of the future workforce:
    Skills and competencies of the future 

  • Mitarbeiter Feedback - So wichtig und doch oft vernachlässigt

    Sandra Heim, Head of Human Resources at Estée Lauder GmbH
    • Mitarbeiter Umfragen: Ja oder nein, braucht es diese und wie effektiv sind sie?
    • Daily feedback: Wie transparent und ehrlich sind wir mit unseren Mitarbeitern? 
    • Viele Firmen gehen wieder weg von Mitarbeiterumfragen: Was braucht es um dies    &n...

    Talent Acquisition - more than recruitment?

    Ramona Roth, Head of Human Resources at Feldschlösschen Getränke AG
    - Talent Acquisition in practice! Status quo!
    - Talent Acquisition – more than recruitment?
    - Should Talent Acquisition be a part of marketing or become a separate ‘Talent Department’? 
    - Agency recruitment vs. corporate recruitment?...

  • Attracting and Retaining Talent in the Digital Age

    Moderated by: Carsten Sudhoff, Organisational Culture Expert & Leadership Trainer, President at Global Entrepreneurship Network Switzerland
    Guests: Lena Häusler, Office - & Operations Assistant at Swisscom
    Noemi Urwyler, Project Manager Marketing at Coop
    Lena Gebhart, Junior Manager HR Development at DHL Express 

    • Employers are facing multiple challenges: From the impact of the millenn...

  • HR Digitalization made real and simple

    Martin Hegglin, Partner at BDO AG Gilles Fransen, HR & HRIS Project & Program Manager at Gaius HR

    We live, admire or miss the worldwide success of digitalization. Have we ever thought why digitalization is so successful? Why there are so many changes and opportunities of digitalization in HR environment? There is no free lunch in HR digitalization. So, what has to be taken into account to ...


    Cultural Transformation Program - we create tomorrow today!

    Bernard Reber, Chief Executive Officer at Stucki Leadership & Team Development
    ABB, a global company (150’000 employees worldwide) asked us to design, develop and implement a transformation program, which would allow its 200 top leaders to experience its value pairs and develop an actions plan to implement the new expected behaviours. The company asked us to deve...

  • What managers can learn from Mozart and Picasso? Stress fields of creativity.

    Dr. (Phil.) Sven Spiegelberg, well known artist of Switzerland
    “The solutions of yesterday are not the solutions of tomorrow”.
    Creativity is also required in professional decisions. Where creativity lacks, there remains an immense unused spiritual potential. One who always does what he already can, will always remain what he already is.

    Weniger Stress - mehr Lebensqualität

    Evi Giannakopoulos, Founder and Owner of stress away
    1. Stress-Analyse
    2. Die drei Stressbewältigungsstrategien
    3. Übungen und Empfehlungen zu den einzelnen Trainingsbereichen (Achtsamkeit, Mentaltraining, Empowerment oder Entspannung) 
    4. Tipps zur Umsetzung

    Behind the Scenes of a Great Espresso

    Jean-Claude Luvini, Chief Executive Officer & Owner at Masaba Coffee
    Join us for a voyage in the world of coffee. We’ll discover its African origins and processing, through the lens of Masaba Coffee, a Swiss Fair Trade project in Uganda. We will then experience together the art of preparing and recognising a perfect Italian Espresso.


    Ralf T. Gehlen, Chief Executive Officer, Procter & Gamble Switzerland Sarl
    "The first Richmond HR Forum was really pleasant for me. The well proven, tested and interactive format is extremely suited for HR topics! Furthermore it successfully combined classic HR topics and soft skills such as self-development perfectly. A really recommendable event with lots of inte...


    Fabienne Steffen, Visagist & Stylist at Face & Style
    "Inspiring, highly professional and efficient – a networking event in a high quality format which inspires and guarantees professional and personal growth."


    Annekatrin Stiels, Leadership Coach and NLP Trainer of A.Stiels Kommunikation & Personalentwicklung
    "Richmond Events offer high-quality events with the various business forums.
    The professional selection of speakers for the sessions enables the participants to receive suggestions on current topics in their industry.
    The business forums provide a unique platform to expand the...


    Yves Schneuwly, Managing Director at XING Switzerland GmbH
    „The excellent organisation guarantees inspiring keynotes of opinion leaders as well as outstanding networking opportunities with high quality business contacts. Only topped by the unique setting, this forum is a must for every decision maker.“


    Dr. Jan Roy Edlund, Author, Change Management – Monkey Management
    "The event was organised fantastically. The participants were top-class representatives and as a speaker I got treated courteously and hearty. Everything top notch. Thanks!"

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